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What is the Veterinary Assistance HVC Pet Care and HVC Pet Care Plus?

HVC Pet Care and HVC Pet Care Plus are two veterinary assistances to cover the cost of your pet during the course of his whole life, from the time they are puppies to old age.

This veterinarian insurance includes all cases in which they can find, both diseases such as accidents. Also in the event that your dog or cat is having problems because of other chronic disease, congenital or hereditary.

In the Veterinary Hospital of Catalonia to ensure the health and quality of life for your pet, that is why we have created these two levels of mutual veterinary:

It is very important to have the peace of mind that no matter what happens, we can take care of your pet regardless of expense that may involve, since there is no limit of amount or annual claims, Contrary to what happens in normal Insurance.

HVC Pet Care: This veterinary assistance covers the most common situations and the most common medical performances with great discounts with the highest risk.

HVC Pet Care Plus: Is a veterinary assistance that covers all medical situations without limit of amount.

It’s like having a Social Security with private clinic.

It is very important to feel tranquillity when no matter what happens, we can cater to your

Pet Care BASIC

Pet Care PLUS

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