When the warm weather arrives, it is when we are most aware that we must protect our pet against the main external parasites that can hold. We are more aware of the proliferation of these insects because we have more contact with nature than the winter months.It’s true that some parasites are more common in the summer but it must be remembered that the temperature inside the house is almost always fairly constant in summer and winter and that, if you enter any parasite at home, even though we are in the cold season, this will not die and will continue to play in that environment. It is therefore recommended to protect our animal throughout the year.

Each time there are more products on the market that are effective to prevent these infections, fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes). Can be oral tablet, spot on, necklaces, sprays, ….. According to the habitat of our animal, the life and the physical characteristics that it has (for example if it is are very hairy) will be better use one product than another. As a general rule, the spot on is administered on the skin once a month.

According to the manufacturer and the absorption of the spot on can be deposited in a single point or distributed throughout the dorsal area of the animal, always looking for the contact of product with skin, because if it is on the hair does not have the desired effect. The frequency of administration can be increased according to the parasite that we want to protect, sometimes do not protect against ticks during 4 weeks and should be given before, every 3 weeks. If the animal gets wet or has bathed the effectiveness of the product can also vary. There are informed well in your own veterinarian, who will advise you of that pipette can go best with your pet, how and when we will.

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