The leaves, flowers and fruits of some plants, which we can have at home can be potentially toxic to our pets. The most common toxic species here are: “oleander, Aucuba, Caladium, CICA, Taro, chrysanthemum, the flower of Easter or Christmas), ivy, Jacinto, lantana, Lily, monstera, narcissus, Potos, primula, rhododendron “.

The most frequent clinical profile that appear are: irritation, digestive and nervous and less frequently can cause skin and eye problems.

What to do in front of a possible plant poisoning?
When we are still at home, wash with cold water both the mouth and the lips of our pet and then take it to the vet to apply appropriate measures to treat poisoning; something very useful, if feasible, bring the plant responsible for the possible poisoning to the vet to improve treatment and to better understand the prognosis.

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