Dr. Vicenç Junyent, Medical Director and co-founder of the Veterinary Hospital of Catalonia makes it clear to us and tells us some concepts on the Ovariohysterectomy (commonly called sterilization) in dogs and cats:

What is it?
The Ovariohysterectomy is a surgery that is performed to sterilize irreversibly and permanently a female. In this surgical practice, the dog or the cat is subjected to an intervention in which the ovaries and matrix are removed. In this way no longer have the oestrus and cannot become pregnant. There is a technique where is removed the ovaries and is called ovariectomy.

When you can do?
In some countries such as the USA is performed at the age of 3 months due to the fact that dogs and cats must be sold sterilized. This way is easy to prevent pregnancies, more birth of puppies and its abandonment. We prefer that dogs and cats have about 5-6 months of age. It is not necessary to wait to have the first oestrus, can be sterilized before or after. At these ages is reduced by more than 98% of subsequent diseases such as mammary tumours. From here you can do at any age.

What preparation is necessary?
This surgery requires a general anaesthesia. Due to this we perform an examination and a blood test that will vary depending on the age, pathologies that may have. Recovery depends on each animal, although in general is about 5-7 days with the help of painkillers, rest and taking care of the area of the incision.

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