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We know what your pet means to you, for that reason  we offer you a face-to-face service and comprehensive emergency room 24 hours a day.


We are specialist in ethology (animal behavior) and training. We understand the importance of behavior of our pets.

Academic training

The training of people is increasingly essential for access to a job, we teach specific and practical well-rounded education.


In our Clinics we have grooming service for the hair care and health of our pet.


Catalonia Veterinary Hospital in Odena offers spacious and comfortable facilities for your pet.


One of the first things that we havto do when we have a pet is get information about the type of food it needs.
pet care

What is HVC Pet Insurance?

HVC Pet Care and Pet Care Plus are two veterinary assistance to cover the cost of your pet during his life, since they are puppies until his old age. This insurance includes all the situations that your pet can be found,  both accidents and diseases. Also if your dog or cat has problems because of another chronic disease, congenital or hereditary. In Catalonia Veterinary Hospital we take care of the Health and  quality of life of your pet’s, that’s why we have created these two levels of veterinary insurance.

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Com evitar el mal alè en un gos

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Poisoning by marijuana or hashish

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If you want to ask any other questions, ask for a quote or need more information about our services, put in contact with us and we’ll give you an answer as soon as possible. We offer a fast and efficient customer service for you to ask everything you need.

Case Report

Here you will find medical reports of success that we have tried in veterinary medicine.


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